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Thousands of people attended the annual Christmas Carnival organised by Indian Church of Christ. The day long event started with a great Communion service. There were plenty of food, fun & sales stalls. So many people participated in the singing & dancing competitions. Some very small kids amazed the crowed by coming up to the stage and facing such a huge crowd with complete confidence and recited so many by hearted Scriptures. 1st Prize was won by Annie Matthew; 2nd Prize was won by Thomas from KGF & 3rd prize was won by Sarah Selvanarayan.


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Ashok is from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. He grew up in a devout family. His dad wanted the whole village to come to Christ so he provided family property and personal finances and took personal interest and built a Church building. Around 300 believers are there in the village now. But unfortunately as Ashok grew up he could find that most believers are not really following Christ. Even the pastor who is supposed to shepherd the flock has joined the flock in their sins.

Ashok always wanted to revive at least the youth. Even when he started working in Bangalore as a software engineer he used to travel every weekend and organise youth programmes to turn the hearts of the youth to Christ.

As he got married to Anusha and had a baby, he was attending a Church in Bangalore but no one was involved in his spiritual life. He was sincerely seeking God. That is the time his neighbours Premnath & Sunitha became friends and shared their faith. Ahsok & Anusha started attending the services and soon the brothers & sisters started studying the Bible with them. That is when he understood that he himself need to be saved. Both of them were really eager to study the Bible and  get baptized. He keeps thanking the brothers who taught him the Bible and says ‘no one ever taught me the Bible like this ever’.


Now he is even more passionate to save not only the people in his home town but every where.

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Can you pause and pray at noon for your West African brothers and sisters? Monrovia mourns the loss of our sister Evelyn Gamoh to Ebola. She was a single mom with two kids.


EBOLA02 3000930bHervé Fleurant sent this to ICOC HotNews:

I just got off the phone with some disciples from the Monrovia, Liberia church. As many of you may have heard, one of our sisters, Evelyn Gamoh, passed away from Ebola a few days ago. The disciples there are are very sad and very stressed by the current situation. They told me that, yes, Ebola has taken many lives including our sister, but many hundreds more are dying from other diseases that the hospitals cannot or fear to treat due to the high number of health care workers that have already died in this outbreak.

Liberia endured a decade-long civil war recently and was just now beginning to get it’s health care system up and running efficiently again. This is why, they explained to me, the virus has overwhelmed their health workers in Liberia, even killing the top two medical doctors in the country. In their words, "Ebola respects no one."  (Photo above is the burial of a medical worker).

The disciples ask that we please join them in prayer daily at 12 pm during the month of October. They ask us to pray for God’s mercy, that the Ebola virus can be contained and then stopped.

Please pass on their request to disciples you know and let us pray together for the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

In Him,

Hervé Fleurant

Shared from ICOC HotNews.

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Campus Ministry Updates:


Joshua Mark George, son of Dinesh George & Caroline George who leads the churches in India has been studying the Bible for almost last 6 years. As the Scripture says in Romans 8:28, In all things God works for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose. God has been working for the good in this family. Dinesh & Caroline have been serving indian churches sacrificially. They had to make many sacrifices but it hurt their children in some ways. That made it difficult for Joshua to put his faith in God and to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. In all things God works the good and God never gave up on Joshua. After much perseverance and through many people’s fasting & prayer Joshua decided to get baptised on 25th of May . It was very faith building to see his baptism.  his conversion has given faith to many other kingdom kids and also to the parents.

Women's Day Special Service PDF Print E-mail

Indian Church of Christ, Bangalore is organising a very special programme for the

Women on 6th July 2014. All women are welcome to join us. Please see the invite below

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